xMR Research Laboratories

xMR Research Laboratories

The xMR Laboratory is primarily focused on the imaging modality of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), where we work to develop new techniques and improve upon existing technologies for imaging inside the human body.

With access to many systems (GE, Seimens, Varian) at multiple field strengths (1.5, 3.0, 7.0, and 9.4 Tesla), as well as the ability to simulate and measure electromagnetic effects, we are able to assess the MR Safety and Compatibility of any medical device to ASTM Standards.

We have an active practical research program that involves modellng, design, construction and testing of various magnets and devices that challenges students and old hands alike.


We have amassed experience in both design and manufacture of gradient coils for MRI systems, building approximately 10 prototypesin the last decade. Design methods, largely building on the PhD work of Chad Harris which used the Boundary Element Method are still being developed and are used extensively in house.

The use of the Boundary Element Method has allowed the design process to move away from the limitations imposed on magnet design in the past, such as a cylindrical coil or a centered target fieldregion, and instead calculate the optimum wire pattern to achieve a broad array of design goals. Importantly, manufacturing techniques and methods are taken into account at the design level, to reduce costs and time of the gradient construction, and to control the tolerances of the system and get a superior final result.

We continue to design and build gradient coils for multiple partners and will be pushing the envelope for electromagnetic and thermal performance as we implement new methods and ideas.


We offer a variety of services for companies producing medical devices that need to ensure patient safety during MRI scans. From gradient and RF exposure testing for the purposes of measuring device heating and vibration to measuring torsion, displacement, as well as image distortion within the MRI environment, we have the capabilities, equipment, and ISO 17025 compliant facility to provide you with detailed reports for both passive and active medical devices in accordance with ASTM and ISO 10974.


We at xMR Labs have many different specialties resulting in a wide array of services offered for anything and everything MRI.

We have expert staff in device testing for MR compatibility including tests within MR environment with our access to various MRI scanner brands and magnet strengths.

We also offer services for imaging patients or phantoms, image analysis, measurement of field exposures during imaging, development of testing equipment for numerous applications, and many more options.

If you need proficiency in anything MRI, contact us to inquire about your specific needs.


We are happy to entertain proposals from media outlets, particularly those focused on the furthering of medical research, who wish to find out more about what we're working on here at our laboratories and disseminate this information to the public for the purposes of increasing exposure and attracting prospective researchers to work with us.

Please contact us to make arrangements.

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