xMR Labs - Business Operations

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xMR has many different specialties resulting in a wide array of services offered for anything and everything MRI.

We have expert staff in device testing for MR compatibility including tests within MR environment with our access to various MRI scanner brands and magnet strengths.

We also offer services for imaging patients or phantoms, image analysis, measurement of field exposures during imaging, development of testing equipment for numerous applications, and many more options.

If you need proficiency in anything MRI, contact us to inquire about your specific needs.

Device testing

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Our lab specializes in performing MR safety tests in accordance with ISO 10974.

Field-mapping robot being setup to take measurements
inside one of our coils.

Gradient-induced heating

Rapidly changing gradient magnetic fields can induce eddy currents in metallic devices which can cause significant heating. Our lab has designed and built various sized dB/dt exposure systems for various device sizes and needs. We also have a thermal camera and fiber optic probes to measure temperature changes throughout standard exposure levels.

Gradient-induced device vibration

When a conductive device is exposed to a changing gradient field inside a constant magnetic field, there is potential for vibration. We use miniature piezoelectric accelerometers and a laser Doppler vibrometer to measure device movement when exposed to worst-case scenarios in an MRI scanner. Typically, gradient pulse exposures consist of sinusoid or trapezoidal gradient pulses. To measure worst case scenarios, the devices are typically placed in a scanner location with a maximum dB/dt.

Functional testing

Gradient induced effects can functionally compromise active implantable medical devices or their associated batteries. Our lab works with companies to test the functionality of their devices to verify whether they can safely withstand both the thermal and mechanical effects associated with MRI exposures.

Field mapping with 3D positioning robot

A part of validating our device testing platforms involves measuring the field throughout our coils to ensure the device exposure matches a typical field inside an MRI. We have designed a field positioning robot, complete with a Labview control code to move within the limits of any coil and collect field data from a variety of probes including B-field, dB/dt, and E-field probes.